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Katies is booking bands for the upcoming months, Katies features one of best

sounding rooms on Long Island with a stage and house PA ready for your act. We are booking bands that can play with dynamics only please,If your drummer keeps time with 

a crash or China cymbal then it would not be a good fit. We have moved away from louder



Unfortunately we can only offer door deals (No Flat Rate Fees) You get the 100 percent of the door and we get the bar.

We do feature both original acts as well as cover bands.

 Bands that want a weekend spot should have a local following. The main room holds

135 people and the lower level bar holds 88 people and the outside patio holds 

another 100 weather permitting. If your act can not bring a large amount of 

fans we could do multiple bands on a night. 

When sending information about musical acts please include links to audio and video if available and best contact phone number and time to reach you.


Private party bookings or catering inquiries please call Nicole @ 631 988 6786

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